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Hillary Clinton to Finally Be Indicted?

FBI Reviewing New Emails ‘Pertinent’ To Clinton Probe According to a post at MSN.com, The FBI revealed Friday it was reviewing a new batch of emails that “appear to be pertinent” to its previous investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while she was secretary of state. “In connection with an unrelated case,… Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: What does Cyrus Habib, Clinton, Soros, Alinsky, and Media all have in Common?

What does Cyrus Habib, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Saul Alinsky, and the Media all have in common? Well it’s more than Washington State should want.  Cyrus Habib, the Democrat Candidate for Lieutenant Governor was first spotted by George Soros, and was paid to go to Oxford as a Soros Fellow.  Who is Soros, a billionaire… Continue Reading

Clinton Tax Plan Will Kill Private Sector Jobs, Increase National Debt

Clinton Tax Plan Would Kill Over 4x Jobs Created Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tax plan would increase public sector jobs by 49,000 in 2017, but they would come at a cost of 207,000 private sector jobs, according to results from a new National Center for Policy Analysis study.  In 2026, the public sector would gain… Continue Reading

Police Bike Patrol Back on Streets and Trails of Bellevue

After a six-year hiatus caused by recession-related budget cuts, the Bellevue Police bike patrol returned to the streets of our fine City Friday morning. The restoration of the team was made possible after the City Council voted to restore funding for the unit as part of the mid-biennium budget. The department’s former bike unit was eliminated in 2011… Continue Reading

Trump’s War on Women, Hillary’s Wall Street Support a Boost to Eventual “Write-In” TV Candidate

LionHound Productions CEO Michael Wilson today said Hillary’s tight connections with Wall Street and Trump’s “war on women” add up to good news for LionHound’s new TV program, “The Write-In.” Wilson, creator of the program, pointed out that “only Sanders and Kasich have bothered to court millennials,” which Wilson called the “forgotten demographic.” “Millennials and… Continue Reading

“Bernie is Right,” Show Creator Says: “Our Campaign System is Corrupt”

CEO Michael Wilson Invites Sanders to Audition on “The Write-In” LionHound Productions CEO Michael Wilson recently said Independent Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is “on the money” when he describes a “rigged and corrupt campaign system.” Wilson is creator of the “Write- In,” a new TV program designed to allow viewers to narrow a field of… Continue Reading

No More Apple Pie for the FBI

By Allison Goodman For years, law enforcement agencies across the world have been sending locked iPhones to Apple and Apple has been serving up the data from these phones like a piece of Apple pie (with the appropriate subpoena or search warrant).  When Apple released the iOS 8 operating system back in 2014, it announced… Continue Reading

Open house on making Bellevue more bicycle friendly

Open house on making Bellevue more bicycle friendly

If you’re interested in improving the city’s bicycling network, an upcoming open house offers a chance to shape project ideas to create a safer, better-connected system. The open house will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 23, at City Hall, 450 110th Ave. NE. A short presentation followed by an instant-feedback polling… Continue Reading