Whole Foods Market Chooses WISErg Harvester™ Technology to Reduce Food Scraps at Stores in Washington State

WISErg Harvester

Whole Foods Market Bellevue and WISErg Corporation, a bio-clean technology company that converts food scraps into organic fertilizer for sale to farmers and consumers, recently announced an agreement to deploy the WISErg Harvester unit at Whole Foods Market Bellevue. The installation will be completed in May. The Harvester unit will enable Whole Foods Market Bellevue to reduce food […]

Webinar Will Focus on Urban Farming Viability


Local food was once considered to be in the purview of consumers and small-scale producers. Recently, policymakers, including those residing in cities, began embracing local food systems as a solution to a myriad of urban problems, including lack of green space and a dearth of healthy food availability. As part of this shift in policy, […]

Local Landscape Designer Hendrikus Schraven Acting in Ben Stiller Movie Opening Christmas Day!

Hendrikus Schraven Landscape Designer to the Stars Issaquah

Hendrikus Schraven, noted landscape designer and local TV gardening expert, turns actor in Ben Stiller’s new movie, the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, playing in theaters this December 25th.  No, it’s not time to switch careers yet!  Although many of his scenes ended up on the cutting room floor, it was still a great ride being […]

Taco Time NW Wins 2013 Leadership Award from Washington Organics Recycling Council

Taco Time NW

Taco Time NW, a northwest-based family-owned Mexican quick-service restaurant was awarded the 2013 Leadership In Organics Recovery Award from the Washington Organics Recycling Council.  This award goes to a company or individual who has championed an Organics Recovery program that has targeted a new part of the waste stream or has increased participation. As part […]

Third Grade Teachers Encouraged to Join Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program

Huge Cabbage

Gardening teaches kids where food comes from, healthy eating and raises their environmental consciousness. A great way to get kids started in the garden is the National Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program, it’s free to any third grade classroom in the country and teachers can registerNOW at  http://bonniecabbageprogram.com/ for the 2014 program. Bonnie Plants will truck 2”cabbage […]

Local Environmental Specialists Give Boost to Cheasty Greenspace at Mt. View

A team of Stantec’s Seattle and Bellevue-area architects, environmental experts, and design industry professionals recently removed moved nearly 1,000 square feet of Himalayan Blackberry bushes, English Ivy and other vegetation from critical areas of the 10-acre Cheasty Greenspace at Mt. View (Beacon Hill). 

Legalization of Marijuana Offers Opportunities for New Research

Since the passage of I-502 last year in Washington State a number of start up businesses are trying their luck in this new industry. But for some its not all about the profit. One of these is CBD Health Innovations, a new Bio-Tech testing and research laboratory in Washington State. Co. Founder and CEO of […]

Sustainable Eastside Announces Winners of the 2012 Green Business Challenge

Winners of the 2012 Eastside Green Business Challenge have been named. The Challenge’s top 10 performers received special honors and a “Green Office Makeover” from Office Depot, sponsors of the Challenge. The winners were recently announced at a recognition event at Bellevue City Hall. The event included dinner, comedy, and a ceremony where over 30 […]

Clothing recycling catching on among Seattle residents – What About the Eastside?

Seattle-area residents diverted almost 4.5 million pounds of clothing and shoes from landfills in 2012, the textile recycler USAgain announced today. That amounts to 1,007 garbage trucks of clothing. It also saved more than 25,000 cubic yards of landfill space, nearly 31 million pounds of carbon emissions and more than 6.1 billion gallons of water […]

$1 Billion Loss Experienced By Winter Sports Industry, Future Impacts Could be Larger

A new economic analysis details how the $12.2 billion winter tourism industry spread out across 38 states has experienced an estimated $1 billion loss and up to 27,000 fewer jobs over the last decade due to diminished snow fall patterns and the resulting changes in the outdoor habits of Americans, according to the new study […]

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