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BELLEVUE, WASH. – (March 15, 2016) – On Monday, March 14, Overlake Medical Center hosted a panel discussion called Careers in Medicine. Photo credit: Anna Hoychuk  More than 125 high school students and parents, representing 14 area schools, had the opportunity to talk to and ask questions of Overlake doctors from a range of specialties about… Continue Reading

Primary Care Providers Deliver Continuity of Care Over Your Lifetime

By Sara May, MDContributing writer It is common for people – especially young, working adults who are seemingly healthy – to ask themselves at some point whether they need a primary care provider. The answer is yes, you do, because having one will help keep you healthier throughout your life. Numerous studies in medical journals… Continue Reading

Governor To Sign NFIB-Backed Health-Care Costs Bill

At a bill-signing ceremony scheduled for this morning at 10:30 a.m. in his office, Gov. Jay Inslee will put his signature on a measure that NFIB led the coordination and legislative passage of: An All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) that will eventually empower everyone in Washington state to compare quality and costs among health-care providers. “Pairing… Continue Reading

How Could Olympia Stoop So Low? by Michael “Buffalo” Mazzetti

Why does the Washington State Legislature (WSL) want to undermine medical cannabis? Alison Holcomb and Peter Holmes with Initiative 502 clearly stated that if passed, it would have no effect on medical cannabis laws. Reassuring voters that “I-502 won’t harm patients”. Senate Bill SB 5052 is an effort by the WSL that could doom our… Continue Reading

Still Hope For Medical Cannabis Patients In Washington State

Representatives in Olympia continue with politics as usually listening special interests and agencies that treat medical cannabis as if it has no medicinal properties. They are going against the voters by further restricting patients, and taking away their rights approved by them including proposing to drop patient limits once again, and breaking HIPPA laws by… Continue Reading

Bellevue Overlake Dental is on the Bellevue Business Directory

The newest member of the Bellevue Business Directory is Bellevue Overlake Dental and Dr. Young Lee, who have been awarded a Gold Listing (and free publicity and social sharing) for a month! Each patient at Overlake Dental’s Bellevue dentistry clinic receives a customized treatment plan. During your very first visit to Bellevue Overlake Dental, you will… Continue Reading

I-1372, Gathers Signatures To Protect & Strengthen Medical Cannabis

Initiative Measure No. 1372 filed January 6, 2015, will protect and strengthen the medical cannabis law, RCW 69.51A, by offering compassion, clarity and consistency through the following changes: Bringing Washington state law into compliance with stated federal policy Allowing business owners to obtain licenses for producing, processing or dispensing cannabis in a commercial manner. Using… Continue Reading

Eye specialist Dr. Robert Abel Jr. says proper nutrition can treat and reverse common vision problems

For 40 years, Dr. Robert Abel Jr. has dedicated his professional life as an ophthalmologist to preserving vision. As a founding partner in a large eye care practice in Delaware, he operates on four hundred cataract patients a year, but he treats six times that number without surgery. “We know that specific foods and nutritional supplements… Continue Reading