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20 Phrases To Use When Your Client Says “Too Expensive”

By Martin Limbeck No matter what business you’re in, you are always in the sales business.  Think about it: without new sales, new accounts and a flow of new and continued business coming through the door, you’ll be out of business before you know it.  This is true whether you manage a web design agency,… Continue Reading

Old Way or New Way? Only One Way Works. My Way.

The old way of selling is dead. The only people who don’t know that are other sales trainers, recently released old-world sales tactics books that are still trying to convey old messages, and several million salespeople still trying to cold call, pitch the product, overcome objections, and close the sale. Don’t forget their managers who… Continue Reading

Building a Strong Brand Starts Inside Your Organization

A company name or brand is short hand for all the emotions, expectations and experiences any given individual associates with that image or name.  While everyone knows to market their brand outside their organizations, many overlook the opportunity to market their brand inside their organizations. Your employees are a critical constituency of our business. The… Continue Reading