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Uber Under Investigation For Not Paying Sign-Up Bonuses, New #BoycottUber Initiative

Boycott Uber they rip off driversSan Francisco-based ride share company Uber, is currently being investigated for not paying drivers bonuses promised for signing up.  These bonuses are supposed to be paid to the drivers and can be as much as $750.

Local Business Scoop has more about #BoycottUber.

The public is being urged not to use Uber because of their shady business practices.  Any drivers who have not been paid what they are owed by Uber are urged to contact Ride Share Right Now, share their story and discuss a possible class action lawsuit.

If you know someone who does need a job or wants to make extra money, tell them about driving for Lyft.  Go to this link to be eligible for a signup bonus with Lyft or get up to $50 in free ride credits.

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